PSAS Subject Guide

Guides to the best databases and resources for each subject area.

Reference Works - palm oil

  • Directory of Malaysian Palm oil processing sector     HD9490 M3D598
  • Encyclopedia of food sciences and nutrition    TP368.2 E56 2003
  • The oil palm industry in Malaysia : a guidebook SB299 P3P4713 1987
  • Field handbook : Oil palm series   SB299 P3R211 1999
  • Pocket guide     SB299 P3R211
  • Palm oil : a compilation of documented facts on nutritional effects of palm oil    TP684 P3P171
  • Palm oil : A guide for users   TP684 P3P171
  • Palm oil factory process handbook    TS2301 P24P171
  • Perusahaan sawit di Malaysia : Satu panduan  HD9490.5 P343M3471 2010
  • Handbook : Photographic perspective on the anomalies of oil palm    SB299 P3H236
  • Hanbook of pests and diseases of oil palm     SB608 O27H236
  • Oil palm fruit grading manual    SB299 P3L549 2003
  • Oil palm fruit bunch grading system using red, green and blue digital number    PFK 155
  • Manual penanaman dan penyelenggaraan sawit untuk sektor pekebun kecil   SB299 P3M294
  • Genome analaysis : A laboratory manual  QH445.2 G335
  • Modelling dry matter production, partitioning and yield of oil palm : OPRODSIM : A mechanistic simulation model for tecahing and research : technical manual and user’s guide SB299 P3H526
  • Malysian Palm Oil Statistics  HD9490.5 P34M239
  • Palm oil statistics – PORLA     HD9490.5 P34P836
  • Oil palm monthly statistics of Malaysia/ Perangkaan Bulanan Kelapa sawit bagi Malaysia   SB299 P3P45
  • Malaysian palm oil statistics HD9490.5 P34P836
  • Perangkaan kelapa sawit, koko, kelapa dan teh Malaysia / Oil palm, cocoa, and coconut statistics in Malaysia    SB299 P3M26