PSAS Subject Guide

Guides to the best databases and resources for each subject area.

Reference Works - mathematics

  • Mathematics dictionary.  QA5 J28
  • Dictionary of mathematics. QA5 K96
  • The concise Oxford dictionary of mathematics.  QA5 C588 1996
  • McGraw-Hill dictionary of mathematics.  QA5 M147 2003
  • Dictionary of applied math for engineers and scientists.   QA5 D554
  • Kamus matematik.  QA5 K15   
  • CRC handbook of mathematical sciences.  QA47 C2 1987
  • Handbook of typography for the mathematical sciences.   Z253.4 T47K89
  • Handbook of function and generalized function transformations.   QA331 Z39
  • Handbook of nonlinear partial differential equations.   QA372 P766 2012
  • Handbook of mathematical formulas and integrals.   QA47 J46 2000/ QA47 J46 2004
  • Handbook of writing for the mathematical sciences.   QA42 H638 1998
  • Handbook of applied multivariate statistics and mathematical modeling.   QA278 H236
  • Handbook of integral equations.   QA431 P781 2008
  • Table of integrals, series and products.    QA55 G7333 2007