PSAS Subject Guide

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Reference Works - physics

  • A dictionary of physics. QC5 D554 2009 (6th ed)   / QC5 D554 2009 (4th ed)
  • Dictionary of pure and applied physics.  QC5 D514r
  • Concise dictionary of physics and related subjects   QC5 T5 1979
  • Dictionary of effects and phenomena in physics : descriptions, applications, tables   QC5 S3843
  • Dictionary of pure and applied physics   QC5 D514
  • Kamus fizik : atom dan nuclear   QC5 K15
  • Macmillan dictionary of physics  QC5 L867
  • McGraw-Hill dictionary of physics   QC5 M147 1997
  • A new dictionary of physics   QC5 N4 1975
  • Encyclopedia of physics.    QC5 E56 2005
  • McGraw-Hill encyclopedia of physics   QC M147 1993
  • The Encyclopedia of physics    QC5 B44 1985
  • CRC handbook of chemistry and physics : a ready-reference book of chemical and physical data. 
    QD65 C911 2011-12
  • Formulas, facts and constants for students and professionals in engineering, chemistry and physics. 
    QC61 F528 1987
  • Quantification in science : the VNR dictionary of engineering units and measures  QC61 M517
  • Information sources in physics   Z7141 I43 1985
  • A physicist’s desk reference   QC61 P578 1989
  • Physics pocketbook   QC61.E213 1967