PSAS Subject Guide

Guides to the best databases and resources for each subject area.

Reference Works - ECONOMY

  • Dictionary for business & finance   HT1001 T329 1990
  • A dictionary of business and management  HF1001 D554 2006
  • Dictionary of business organization  HF1001 S787
  • Dictionary of business terms   HF1001 C951
  • Dictionary of e-business : a definitive guide to technology and business terms  HF5548.32 B751
  • The dictionary of international business terms  HD62.4 S556
  • A compendium of Malaysian economic statistics.    HC445.5 A4 1980
  • Directory of research and training institutions and organizatons on economic and social development and planning in Asia and the Pacific 1995.    HV40.8 A75D596 1995
  • The Malaysian economy in figures   HC445.5 M239
  • Oxford economic atlas of the world   G1046 G1E32 1972
  • Business information desk reference   HF54.52 U5F853
  • Encyclopedia of business management  HD19 D441
  • Encycoledia of business and finance   HF1001 E56
  • Encyclopedia of economic devlopment: select issues in economic development HF75 E56
  • The Blackwell encyclopedia of management  HD30.15 B632 2005
  • Regional encyclopedia of business and management  HF1002.5 R336
  • Handbook of business quotations : choice words of business wisdom for successful speeches, reports, letters and papers  PN6084 B47H236 
  • The IEBM handbook of information technology in business  HF5584 I22
  • 2010 handbook for employers and employees in the private sector : Malaysia   HF5635 B315 2010